Travel Insurance

How to spot the best travel insurance

It’s important to understand what’s really included in your purchase. The headline limits of medical, cancellation and baggage are helpful starting points, but there might be variations in other terms that are harder to spot.

It’s also worth checking the quality of the company and its customer services; if an extra £5 means you get better service in the event of a medical emergency abroad, then it is money well spent.

The best annual travel insurance policies include:

Higher limits on your individual items of baggage such as valuables, cash or your passport.

  • Lower excesses or even a zero excess

  • A longer number of days abroad per trip with annual multi trip policies

  • Cover for activities such as golf, cruises or extreme sports included

  • Cover for business travel as well as personal travel

  • Cover for car hire incidents

  • A 24-hour line that you can ring for assistance in the case of an emergency abroad (and remember 24 hours can be important when you’re across time zones!)

The top rated travel insurance companies in our list offer many of these features

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